public protocol Publisher {

/// The kind of values published by this publisher.
associatedtype Output

/// The kind of errors this publisher might publish.
/// Use `Never` if this `Publisher` does not publish errors.
associatedtype Failure : Error

/// Attaches the specified subscriber to this publisher.
/// Implementations of ``Publisher`` must implement this method.
/// The provided implementation of ``Publisher/subscribe(_:)-4u8kn``calls this method.
/// - Parameter subscriber: The subscriber to attach to this ``Publisher``, after which it can receive values.
func receive<S>(subscriber: S) where S : Subscriber, Self.Failure == S.Failure, Self.Output == S.Input

public protocol Subscriber : CustomCombineIdentifierConvertible {

/// The kind of values this subscriber receives.
associatedtype Input

/// The kind of errors this subscriber might receive.
/// Use `Never` if this `Subscriber` cannot receive errors.
associatedtype Failure : Error

/// Tells the subscriber that it has successfully subscribed to the publisher and may request items.
/// Use the received ``Subscription`` to request items from the publisher.
/// - Parameter subscription: A subscription that represents the connection between publisher and subscriber.
func receive(subscription: Subscription)

/// Tells the subscriber that the publisher has produced an element.
/// - Parameter input: The published element.
/// - Returns: A `Subscribers.Demand` instance indicating how many more elements the subscriber expects to receive.
func receive(_ input: Self.Input) -> Subscribers.Demand

/// Tells the subscriber that the publisher has completed publishing, either normally or with an error.
/// - Parameter completion: A ``Subscribers/Completion`` case indicating whether publishing completed normally or with an error.
func receive(completion: Subscribers.Completion<Self.Failure>)
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